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Villa Loma del Socorro – 2 nights of luxury. Getting a little off track for some rest and relaxation in this beautiful boutique bed & breakfast.

Nicaragua, a country we had heard so many great things about – Friendly locals, amazing food and great attractions to name but a few. In fact, many travellers we met said it was the country they most enjoyed when travelling through Central America. We were really excited to get there and see all the country had to offer.

Travelling up from Monteverde, Costa Rica our first stop in Nicaragua was San Juan Del Sur (SJdS). With Imbi’s birthday the following day, we had splashed out and booked two nights at Hotel Villa Loma del Socorro. After months of non-stop travel we couldn’t wait to enjoy a bit of luxury at this boutique bed & breakfast.

Where is Villa Loma del Socorro?

Hotel Villa Loma del Socorro is hidden in southwest Nicaragua. Located about 5 miles south of the coastal town of San Juan del Sur (SJdS) and just north of the Costa Rican border. It’s a two hour drive from the capital Managua and 1 hour from Granada.

The 10-acre hilltop property is beautifully landscaped and has a picturesque position in and amongst the jungle-clad hills. With views over the tree tops to the Pacific Ocean, it really was a tranquil spot and a great introduction to Nicaragua.

SJDS views

What to do at Villa Loma del Socorro?

Having spent most of the last 5 months sleeping in a tent in Africa we planned to make the most of the our stunning Gardenia Suite, with its massive 4 post canopy bed and other comforts! The huge hammock with its awesome views was a cool place to hang out. Reading a book and sipping beer with Howler Monkeys calling in the distance was something we could get used to. The private back patio and its outdoor bathtub wasn’t too bad either!

Loma Hammock

Other than the wet late May morning on our first day, we spent a good amount of time soaking up the rays on the sun loungers and taking in the impressive surrounding scenery views. For those wanting a bit of exercise you can easily hike from the Villa up into the jungle in search of local wildlife. Ordinarily we would have jumped at the chance for a hike, but we couldn’t resist the lure of the luxurious villa and the comfy loungers.

Villa Loma

Without doubt our favourite thing in the villa was the hidden tropical lagoon pool. Surrounded by lush green plants this secluded little oasis was the perfect place to cool off after a few hours baking in the sun. It really was a peaceful spot to unwind.

Hidden pool

Eating at Villa Loma del Socorro

Each morning we were treated to a delicious breakfast of our choice. Opting for the desayuno nicaragüense (Nicaraguan breakfast) each time. This culinary feast consisted of the Nicaraguan staple, Gallo Pinto (rice and beans,) scrambled eggs, fried plantains and a couple of pieces of fried or fresh cheese accompanied by beautiful Nicaraguan coffee. I don’t think we’d ever tire of this breakfast!

For your other meals, which aren’t included, there’s now an on site chef so you can dine in. Or, for those preferring a restaurant, it’s only a short drive to nearby San Juan del Sur. If you have a car, or are happy to taxi in and out, there’s plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

In Summary

After two days in this tranquil haven, we didn’t want to leave. It was the perfect place to rest and relax and celebrate Imbi’s birthday. It really was a little slice of paradise and a worth the splurge! A special thanks must go to our host Nasser who made our stay what it was. This hidden gem, our first Nicaraguan experience, will be tough to beat!

Getting to/from Villa Loma del Socorro

To reach Villa Loma del Socorro, you’ll need to get to San Juan del Sur:

From Monteverde Costa Rica

Take the first public bus from Monteverde towards la Irma. For us, this was at 4:20am. Make sure you tell the driver you are going to Peñas Blancas (the border), as you need to get off the bus before reaching la Irma. The driver told us when to get off, which was at a bus stop on the main road. At this stage, it which was at 6am.

At 6:10am, we jumped on a passing bus to Peñas Blancas which arrived at 8:10am. You can flag down any passing bus that says Peñas Blancas on the front. At this time of day, the bus will likely be full, meaning you’ll have to stand for most of the journey.

After exiting Costa Rica, walked across the border and entered Nicaragua. There’s a local bus station right next to immigration, head there and jump on a chicken bus heading to Rivas. You need to get off at La Virgen, so tell the steward this. After about 25km (30 minutes drive), the bus dropped us off at an intersection and the steward pointed which way to walk to connect buses. If you go past La Virgen, it’s not the end of the world, you just end up in Rivas and then have to take the bus from there to SJdS.

From the intersection, we crossed the road and walked down Route 16 to the bus stop where we took the next chicken bus to SJdS. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before we got a 10:15am bus to SJdS arriving at 10:55am. From there take a taxi up to Villa Loma del Socorro.

San Juan Del Sur to Granada

We took a chicken bus from SJdS to Rivas bus station. This took around 1hr 15m and cost C$30p/p (US$,90c). From Rivas bus Station, we jumped on another chicken bus to Granada which took 1.5hr and cost C$50p/p (US$1.50). Of course, if you’re travelling to SJdS from Granada, you can do this journey in reverse.

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