Lake McKenzie - Things to do on Fraser Island

The best things to do on Fraser Island – Travel Guide. Our top things to do on Fraser Island to help you plan the perfect trip.

Things to do on Fraser Island

After years of talking about it, we recently spent 4 days cruising around Fraser Island in a 4WD. It was one of the best trips we’ve had in Queensland which only left us wanting more! If you’re planning a trip to Fraser Island, here’s our highlights and list of things to do on Fraser Island.

Drive along 75 Mile Beach

A visit to Fraser Island wouldn’t be complete without cruising down 75 Mile Beach! Stretching the length of the islands east coast (yep, 75 miles), this is Fraser Islands main thoroughfare. Conveniently, many of the islands attractions sit along or just off the beach. Regular road rules apply here and the best time to drive on the beach is around low tide. So make sure you plan accordingly! It’s important to note that driving on sand is very different to driving on a sealed road. So before you go hooning down the beach, check out this video and drive safely!

75 Mile Beach - Things to do on Fraser Island

Explore Lake Wabby & Hammerstone Sandblow

Our visit to Lake Wabby turned out to be one of our favourite things to do on Fraser Island. From the carpark, take the 900m return track to the viewing platform, for great views of the area. Where else can you see a deep green freshwater lake, sandblow and forest all sitting side by side with the ocean as a backdrop? Lake Wabby is Fraser Island’s deepest dune lake and its deep green waters makes it unique to the other lakes found on the island. If you have a bit more energy, it’s worth the extra effort to walk down to the lake itself. From here, you’re free to explore the surrounding area and even take a swim. Keep your eyes peeled for fish in the lake!

Lake Wabby & Hammerstone Sandblow - Things to do on Fraser Island

Swim at Lake McKenzie – aka Boorangoora

Visiting Lake McKenzie is undoubtedly the most popular thing to do on Fraser Island. And with its white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s no wonder why! The lake is surrounded by rainforest which makes the area all the more beautiful. Despite the chilly water temperatures during our visit (June), the stunning water was too tempting for Chris to not take a dip! We recommend arriving early in the morning when there’s less people around to share this incredible place with. In order to preserve the delicate eco system here, no sunscreen, moisturisers, deodorant or perfumes shouldn’t be worn in the water. 

Lake McKenzie Fraser Island

Float down Eli Creek

Eli Creek is a popular stop on Fraser Island and we can totally see why. The idea of floating down a crystal clear, freshwater creek on a hot summers day is pretty appealing. We can confirm that the water’s so inviting, you’ll be tempted to jump in even in winter, when the water temperature’s freezing! We didn’t have floaties to hand, but were equally as happy frolicking down the creek instead. If taking a dip isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy Eli Creek from the 400m return boardwalk which runs alongside the creek.

Eli Creek - Fraser Island

Walk Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk

If you’re looking for an easy walk through beautiful rainforest, then look no further than the Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk. Starting at Central Station, this 700m boardwalk surprised us with its beauty as it led us through rainforest along the perfectly clear Wanggoolba Creek. We can see why this walk is one of the top things to do on Fraser Island. At the end of the boardwalk, we continued onto the 4km Pile Valley Circuit which followed the crystal clear Wanggoolba creek through more rainforest. Several other walking trails are available from Central Station too, such as Lake McKenzie via Pile Valley (17.8km circuit) and Basin Lake Walk (5.6km return).

Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk - Things to do on Fraser Island

Camp at Central Station

Central Station Campground is a great place to base yourself when exploring the southern end of Fraser Island. The campground’s fenced, offering protection from dingos and the rainforest that surrounds the grounds are truely impressive. The trees here were so tall, we felt like we’d stepped into an enchanted forest, making it our fave campground on Fraser Island!

Central Station - Things to do on Fraser Island

Drive the Southern Lake Scenic Drive

The Southern Lakes Scenic Drive is a 27.2km drive along the inland track from Dilli Village to Central Station via Lake Boomanjin, Lake Benaroon and Lake Birrabeen. This drive is much quieter than others on the island and are worth exploring if you have the time. We found Lake Birrabeen’s crystal clear waters and dark tannins derived from surrounding tea trees, an interesting contrast to other lakes we saw on Fraser Island.

Southern Lakes Scenic Drive - Things to do on Fraser Island

Get up high for some views from Indian Head

At the most eastern point of Fraser Island and the end of 75 Mile Beach, is the Indian Head. A short walk up Indian Head (headland) to the lookout offers panoramic sea views where it’s possible to spot wildlife like turtles, whales and dolphins. Although many people visit the lookout, the trail to the lookout was closed during our visit due to severe erosion. But pop this on your list of things to do on Fraser Island as it should reopen in the future. In the meantime, you can get great views from the nearby Champagne Pools boardwalk.

View of Fraser Island

Go dingo spotting

Dingo spotting is one of the top things to do on Fraser Island. They are as iconic as the island itself and are one of the reasons many people visit. As the dingoes that inhabit Fraser island are wild, it’s impossible to say where the best place to find one would be. We saw 5 individuals during our time on Fraser Island and each one we saw was on the beach. We didn’t see any on our first two days, so you do need a bit of luck on your side. So as you’re driving along, keep your eyes peeled!

*Note: The Dingoes of Fraser Island are wild animals and attacks on people do occur from time to time. For more information on dingo safety, click here.

Dingo Spotting on Fraser Island

Go turtle spotting at Lake Allom

This pretty little lake is part of the Northern Forests Scenic Drive and home to a population of Krefft’s river turtles. From the day use area, follow the walking track to the viewing platform for views of the lake and if you’re lucky, some turtles. If you have a little more time, take the easy 1.4km circuit around the lake for a different perspective. It’s super peaceful here which makes it a great place to have a picnic.

Turtle spotting at Lake Allom - Fraser Island

Discover SS Maheno shipwreck

One of Fraser Islands many famous landmarks, the Maheno washed up on 75 Mile Beach in 1935. It was being towed to Japan when a cyclone hit and the tow rope snapped. These days, it’s a pretty cool sight and one of the top things to do on Fraser Island! Fraser Island is home to 23 shipwrecks, but for sure this one can’t be missed!

Maheno Ship Wreck - Things to do on Fraser Island

Swing by the Pinnacles

Jutting out from Fraser Islands east coast close to the Maheno Shipwreck are the colourful sandstone cliffs of the Pinnacles. There’s apparently 72 shades of yellows, reds, browns and oranges shimmering from these massive dunes! Carved out by erosion over thousands of years, the Pinnacles have become an icon here. So stopping for a snap is one of the top things to do on Fraser Island.

The Pinnacles - Things to do on Fraser Island

Enjoy golden hour from Wun’gul Sandblow

Hiking up Wun’gul Sandblow for sunrise turned out to be another one of our fave things to do on Fraser Island. It’s an easy 1km walk from Dundaburra Campground to reach the fringe of the sandblow which is absolutely massive! We climbed higher up the dune for elevated views of the coast. Although the thick cloud cover killed our sunrise, as the sun rose ‘golden hour’ hit and the sand began to glow. In our opinion, this is the best time of day to see Wun’gul Sandblow. Having said that, we did witness some beautiful sunset colours from up here the night before!

Wun'gul Sandblow - Things to do on Fraser Island

Take a dip in the Champagne Pools

Fancy a dip? Unfortunately strong currents and surrounding sharky waters makes swimming off Fraser Islands east coast a bit unsafe. BUT, head north to the beautiful Champagne Pools and you can safely take a dip. You’ll need to visit near low tide when the water levels in the pools are at their best. There’s a 700m return boardwalk from the carpark which offers great views of the area and access to the water. A visit to the champagne pools is such a fun thing to do on Fraser Island, after all, who doesn’t love swimming in turquoise rock pools?

Champagne Pools - Things to do on Fraser Island

Get your bird-nerd on

You don’t need to be a twitcher to find and enjoy the amazing birdlife on Fraser Island. Along the coastline, look out for birds like the White-Bellied Sea Eagle, Brahminy Kites and Osprey. And inland there’s plenty of cool and colourful species to keep an eye out for. Highlights for us included Red-Backed Fairywren, Scarlet Honeyeaters, a Forest Kingfisher, Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo and plenty of Rainbow Lorikeets and Eastern Yellow Robins. Other pretty birds like Noisy Pitta, Rose-Crowned Fruit Dove and our favourites, the Rainbow Bee-eaters are also frequently sighted on Fraser Island.

Forest Kingfisher - Fraser Island

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