Twilight by the pool - Things to do on Daydream Island

Things to do on Daydream Island – An extensive list and detailed guide to everything to see and do on this tiny little tropical island paradise.

When we were planning our Whitsunday Island visits, we’d heard some mixed opinions on Daydream Island. The most common complaint was that ‘it’s so small you’ll get bored’. But after 4 days and 3 nights we can tell you we were certainly anything but bored. In fact, we loved it. Daydream Island is the perfect mix of modern resort and nature, where you can relax and unwind or get stuck into any number of activities. So here’s our list of the things to see and do on Daydream Island to show you why this little island is not to be missed!

Relax and enjoy this island resort

This may sound obvious, but sometimes we’re so busy seeing and doing everything, we don’t stop and appreciate where we’re actually staying. In 2018-2019 Daydream Island underwent a massive $140 million redevelopment after the island received a battering from Cyclone Debbie. The now modern and stylish resort blew us away. Merging contemporary luxury with the natural Great Barrier Reef environment, this tranquil refurbished resort surpassed our expectations and was the perfect place for us to relax and unwind on our Queensland road trip.

Daydream Island Resort

Be amazed by the Living Reef

The Living Reef Lagoon and Underwater Observatory cannot be missed. The Lagoon itself encircles the central building on Daydream Island. This free form coral lagoon showcases more than 100 species of local marine life. 4m under the surface, the awesome Underwater Observatory gives you a completely different view. With its massive viewing window, you will be transfixed by the amazing marine life in front of you. And none more so than the unique Shovelnose Rays.

Daydream Island Underwater Observatory and Living Reef - Things to do on Daydream Island

Hangout with the resident wallaroos

When you head over to a tiny island you’re probably not expecting to find too many big land dwelling wild animals. But Daydream Island isn’t your average little island. Scattered all around the island, you can’t miss the resident Wallaroo. Not a Kangaroo or Wallaby, the Wallaroo is a separate species of Macropod found all over Australia. And nowhere more easily than on Daydream Island.

Wallaroo on Daydream Island

Lounge in and around the pools

With various pools dotted all around the resort there’s no shortage to choose from. Up at the north end of the resort there’s a swim up bar, jacuzzi and multiple pools. Head down to the south end of the island and if you’re lucky like us, you may well have this pool all to yourself, at least for a while.

Enjoying the pools - Things to do on Daydream Island

Snorkel with the fishies

Surrounded by beautiful blue waters, snorkelling is definitely one of the most popular things to do on Daydream Island. The easily accessible Lovers Cove is a great spot for anyone to don the snorkel gear and swim with the fishies. Even though much of the reef was damaged by Cyclone Debbie, there’s still plenty of marine life to see only metres from the beach. And you can dive down to see firsthand the Lovers Cove Reef Restoration Project site.

Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

Head out on a SUP

Test your balance skills on a stand up paddle board (SUP). A great way to see the island from a different perspective. Getting out on the clear blue sea water on one of the free-to-use paddle boards is a really nice way to explore a bit of the Daydream Island coastline. You’ll likely spot a few turtles too! What’s the worst that can happen – you fall into that lovely warm sea water?!

Stand up paddle board (SUP)

Find a nice quiet beach

With several beaches to choose from, not to mention all the swimming pools, it’s not hard to find a nice quiet spot on a beach. Our tip is to head over to the sheltered Lovers Cove. This coral beach was a great spot to soak up some rays, then cool off in the clear blue water. If you’re lucky, one of the resident Wallaroo might come down and join you for a bit of sunbathing too. It’s also the best beach for a quick snorkel.

Exploring Daydream Island

Stroll along the Rainforest Walk

The short 1km Rainforest Walk is really nice little nature walk across the island and a good way to ‘burn-off’ a few of those breakfast buffet calories. Taking you up and over the hill in the middle of the island there are some scenic views and a surprisingly large amount of local wildlife. Keep a particular eye out for the Green (Common) Tree Snakes that are regularly spotted here. Don’t worry, they are nonvenomous and pose no risk to humans!

Green Tree Snake on the Rainforest Walk

Gorge yourself on a buffet breakfast

The Graze Restaurant buffet breakfast was the perfect way to start the day! For big eaters (mention no names…. Chris) you can’t go wrong here. With an omlette station, various cooked foods, french pastries, pancakes, waffles, a selection of fruits, cereals and yoghurts, you certainly won’t go hungry on your Daydream Island stay! And there’s no shortage of drinks either, with a range of teas, coffees and juices. Delicious!

Graze Restaurant buffet breakfast

Explore the island

At only about 1km from north-to-south and 400m east-to-west at its widest point, Daydream is not a big island. And with boardwalks and paths all over the island it couldn’t be easier to explore. So you don’t need to work too hard to see all of the Daydream Island Resort and find its spectacular vistas across the Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef. Our tip is to get up high and checkout one of the several viewpoints on the Rainforest Walk. It’s definitely worth the short walk for a nice photo.

Daydream Island views

Catch an evening movie at the open air cinema

We can’t think of many more scenic spots to take in a movie. With the sea lapping in the background and the twilight colours fading behind, outdoor cinemas don’t get much better than this! Pre-order some takeaway food at one of the islands several restaurants. Our tip, get one of the awesome pizzas from Inkstone. And make the most of the small onsite bar serving cold beer and wine. What a great way to finish the day.

Open Air Cinema - Daydream Island

Chasing butterflies

Who doesn’t love butterflies? We don’t know how many species of butterfly Daydream Island has, but there seemed to be different coloured butterflies everywhere. Whether it be around the pool, on the Rainforest Walk or down at the beach, you can’t help but see them all over the island. Orchard Swallowtail, Tailed Jay, Common Egg Butterfly and Blue Tiger are just some of the amazingly vibrant butterflies we spotted. And they guarantee to brighten up your day on this lovely little island.

Tailed Jay Butterfly - Daydream Island

Just chillout!

Sometimes it’s just nice to do nothing. So why not just kickback on a sunlounger or find a quiet place somewhere for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Grab a book, listen to some tunes or just watch the world go by with a beer, wine or cocktail in hand. We certainly enjoyed some downtime on Daydream Island. We highly recommend chilling out and taking a break from everyday life for a spot of ‘daydreaming’ on this little island paradise.

Chilling out on Daydream Island

Enjoy a magical sunset

We had some stunning sunsets on our few nights here. And there’s plenty of spots to choose to enjoy them from. Watch the colourful reflections glisten off the swimming pools, stare over the resort from outside Infinity Restaurant or just sit back and watch it from your balcony. But perhaps the most popular spot is down at Lovers Cove.

Lovers Cove sunset - Daydream Island

Get involved in some of Daydream Island’s daily activities

There’s an activity for everyone here, young and old, so checkout the resort schedule for the weekly itinerary. Regular marine activities include glass bottom boats, jet ski tours, snorkel tours, kayak tours, living reef guided tours and stingray splash. For those preferring land based fun there’s yoga, outdoor fitness classes, trivia nights and so much more. Checkout the extensive list of Daydream Islands activities – Click HERE for their online PDF brochure.

Jet Ski Tours - Things to do on Daydream Island

Wine and dine at Daydream Island’s bars and restaurants

Daydream Island is home to several restaurants that cater for all tastes and appetites. There’s Graze – the international buffet restaurant; Inkstone Kitchen & Bar – with its modern Australian cuisine; and our favourite, Infinity Restaurant – for delicious Asian inspired cuisine. There’s also multiple bars dotted around the island for some liquid refreshments day or night.

Infinity Restaurant

Search for hidden treasure

Legend has it there’s buried treasure on the island! As the story goes, the ship Ulyseas ran aground on Daydream Island. The captain ordered the treasure be buried on the island in a place that only he knew of, as he didn’t think the ship could be fully repaired for the onward journey. Off the coast of Hawaii, the patched up Ulyseas fell victim to a major storm killing all but three brothers onboard. The three brothers swam ashore and vowed to return to Daydream Island to find the buried treasure. When they returned to Daydream Island 5 years later, they instantly turned into stone by the awaiting Medusa, where they stand today. The treasure has yet to been found!

Daydream Island - 3 brothers legend

In summary

If you were in any doubt about visiting Daydream Island, we hope this blog will help sway your decision. Whether visiting on a day trip or a multi-night stay, in our opinion, this tiny island is not to be missed! Of course everyone has different tastes and opinions, but if the above sounds like your kind of thing, we’re sure you won’t be left disappointed. We certainly weren’t!

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