Best viewpoints of the Grampians

Where do you get the most amazing views in the Grampians National Park? Checkout our ‘Best Viewpoints of the Grampians’ guide below to find out!

The Grampians National Park is one of Victoria’s natural beauties, located an easy 3 hours drive west of Melbourne. Rugged sandstone mountain ranges form the backdrop of the park, which is teeming with native wildlife. And let’s not forget those stunning views! There are many awesome lookouts within the park, these are our favourites.

Reeds Lookout


Reeds Lookout offers beautiful views over the Victoria Valley, Victoria Range, Serra Range, Lake Wartook and the Mt Difficult Range. Sunrise and sunset offer the best light for photo’s and colours in the sky. Located 13km drive from Halls Gap, the viewpoint is super easy to reach. Park at the Reeds Lookout car park, take a few steps and you’re there!


The Balconies Lookout

Sunset in the Grampians

An easy 2km return walk from Reeds Lookout carpark, will take you to the Balconies Lookout. This spot offers similar views as Reeds Lookout, with sunrise and sunset offering the best light for photos. We personally love this spot at sunset and have never found it to be too busy. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife, this was where we saw our first Echidna!

Balconies Sunset

TIP: After the sunsets, it’s worth waiting around to see the incredible afterglow in the sky!

Boroka Lookout


Boroka Lookout is located 15km from Halls Gap and accessible via the Boroka Lookout carpark. The viewing platforms are a stones throw away from the carpark and is the perfect place to see the sunrise. Experience amazing views over Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield, along with Mt William mountain ranges and Wonderland.

5 Incredibles viewpoints in the Grampians

The Pinnacles Lookout

The Pinnacles viewpoint

The Pinnacles walk & lookout and are accessible by hiking trails via the Sundial car park, Wonderland car park and from the Halls Gap Caravan park. Which trail you take will depend on how long and hard you want to hike! Which ever route you choose, the end result is the same, stunning views over Halls Gap and the Grampians!

For more information on hiking trails, check out our ‘9 Things you must see in the Grampians’ HERE.

Mount William

Mount William is located 21km from Halls Gap and at 1167m heigh, it is the Grampians tallest peak. Accessible from the Mount William Carpark, it’s a steep walk up a paved road to reach the top – allow around 20-45mins. From there, you will be rewarded with 360° views over the Grampians rugged plains. We visited Mt William mid morning and although we still had lovely views, we feel that early morning or evening would be better times to visit. The temperature at these times would be a bit cooler and would offer nicer light and colours in the sky.

Mount William Viewpoints

There are endless photo opportunities up at the top, offering some of the best viewpoints of the Grampians. Just allow plenty of time to find and enjoy them.

Mount William Views

TIP: There isn’t a lot of shade on Mt William, so take plenty of water, a hat and sunscreen with you!

Safety in the Grampians

A lot of the best viewpoints of the Grampians have some very steep drop offs, so use common sense and look where you’re going. There are now fences surrounding some of the most popular viewpoints. Be extra careful when climbing around on rocks, as they may be unstable, which is of course at your own risk.

If you’re thinking of doing some of the hikes in the area, particularly the longer ones, make sure you plan and prepare for them. Visit Grampians has more information.

If you’ve read our ‘Wildlife of the Grampians‘ guide you’ll know there is a lot of truly amazing native wildlife in this area. So when you’re driving from viewpoint to viewpoint, particularly around dusk and dawn please drive carefully and slowly.

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