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Hi! We’re Chris & Imbi, collectively known to our friends as ‘Chrimbi.’

Thank you for visiting our travel blog! 

A little bit about us

We first met in 2009 when Imbi was working as a tour leader for a travel company in South East Asia. After spending several weeks together, then several months apart, I (Chris) moved from the UK to take up a tour leading role with the same company in South East Asia. We’ve been together ever since.

After several years of leading tours through South East Asia, we spent 6 months travelling through Asia, before Imbi fulfilled a 6 month tour leading contract in Africa. After our tour leading days came to an end, we moved to Imbi’s home city, Melbourne Australia in early 2012. We got married on a beautiful beach in Thailand in 2013. Definitely the greatest travel experience of our lives!!

Having lived a nomadic lifestyle for years, we really struggled to settle back into a ‘normal life’. So, it wasn’t long before we were off again, travelling through South America for several months in 2014/2015. After returning to Melbourne, we spent a couple of years working for a different travel company. In late 2017, we decided to hit the road again. This time, our 18-month journey took us to lesser travelled parts of Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe with a few other incredible places in between. Unfortunately, money only travels so far, so we returned to Melbourne early 2019, where we are today.

Getting a ‘little off track’

Over the years, we have developed an obsession with travelling. We are backpackers at heart, always travelling on a budget, carefully planning our journeys so we can travel for longer. We choose camping over resorts, local buses over planes and street food over restaurants. The destinations we visit are often based around photography opportunities, the outdoors, nature and wildlife experiences – our biggest passions. Although we love visiting places already on the map, we prefer getting ‘a little off track’ away from the main tourist trails, in our constant search for new and exciting destinations.

Our travel blog

Over the years, our friends and families always asked ‘what will you do with all your photos and experiences?’ With over 100 counties visited each, we’ve seen a lot of the world and of course, want to see so much more. So at the beginning of our last adventure, A Little Off Track was born as a way of cataloguing our journeys. We now write blogs and guides to help other travellers make the most of their travel moments.

So here they are, past and present. We hope that sharing our photos and experiences may inspire you to also get ‘a little off track’.

Countries we have visited