Kravica Waterfall

When travelling to Bosnia & Herzegovina, a visit Kravica Waterfall is a must! Here’s everything you need to know about visiting this natural beauty.

About Kravica

Often incorrectly referred to by tourists as Kravice, Kravica Waterfall is a 120m wide limestone cascade in the Herzegovina province of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Water from the Trebižat river spills 25m down into an inviting emerald green lagoon at the base of the falls. It is a popular swimming and picnic spot amongst locals and tourists alike and as tourism throughout the country booms, so do visitor numbers to Kravica. Even so, it’s a beautiful place to stop during your visit to this amazing country.


Kravica Waterfall is located approximately 43km south of Mostar and 110kms south of Sarajevo. Not only popular with locals and tourists visiting the surrounding area, it is also a popular spot for day trippers from neighbouring Croatia. The falls are approximately 140km from Dubrovnik’s Old Town and about 135km from Split.

Getting there

Unfortunately, there is no public transport travelling directly to Kravica Waterfall. To visit the falls, you have 4 options:

1. Hire a car

This is what we did and definitely what we recommend. Hiring a car gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to visit at your own pace. The roads were pretty good and there was not a lot of traffic. Expect to pay approx €35 a day + fuel from Mostar.

2. Join an organised tour

This is a good option, especially if you don’t want to drive, but want to see a lot in one day. You can book day tours from Mostar, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split, which all a stop at Kravica, along with a few other beautiful places. Of course, you will be in a group environment and on a schedule. Expect to pay around: €35-€40 from Mostar, €65 from Sarajevo and €50+ from Dubrovnik/Split. **Entrance fees are not usually included in the price of a tour. Private tours will cost more.

3. By local bus & taxi

There are no buses travelling directly to Kravica. However, it is possible to catch as bus to nearby Citluk or Ljubuski, then take a taxi from there. Citluk is located around 20kms from the falls and Ljubuski is closer, about 8kms away.

4. By taxi

This is the most expensive option. How much you pay will depend on when you want to go, how long you want to stay and how good you are at negotiating. We would expect to pay somewhere between €70-€100 at a rough estimate. Good luck!!

From the carpark and ticket office, follow the paved path downhill for around 10 minutes and you’re there!

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kravica Waterfall really depends on what your expectations are and what you want to see/do. In our opinion, the best time to visit is June or September. These months generally offer warm sunny days, smaller crowds and cheaper prices.

The summer months of July & August offer the best temperatures for swimming (with days often soaring over 40°c). However, as this is peak season and summer holidays, they are also the busiest months. You can definitely expect big crowds and higher prices throughout these months. It’s best to avoid visiting on weekends.

During Spring, the falls are at their fullest and their surroundings are at their greenest. This is not the best time for swimming though as the water levels are high and cold.

The winter months also see high water levels and all round cold temperatures. It can even snows during winter, so if you’re looking for a quick stop and beautiful panoramas, with no people around, then may this is the time for you!

Chris at Kravica Waterfall

Opening hours

Technically, the falls are open 24/7. The ticket office opens at 7am daily and closes between 5pm & 10pm, depending on the month. If you visit when the ticket office is open, you will need to buy an entrance ticket. If you visit outside of these hours, you won’t have to pay.

Having said all of that, the staff were pretty relaxed on our visit. Despite arriving at 9am, we almost didn’t pay as the office was unmanned for a while and we weren’t charged for parking. We have read a lot of blogs where people just walked in without paying as no-one was there to take the money!


  • Toilets are located at both the ticket office and by the falls.
  • Changing stalls are located by the falls.
  • There are a few restaurants next to the falls serving: locals dishes, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers , beers, coffee and ice-cream.
  • The restaurants are only open during the summer months.
  • There is a small train operating between the ticket office and falls which you can take if you don’t want to walk.
  • Kayaks/canoes are available to hire during the summer months.
  • Small boat tours are available during the summer months.

Things to do

  • Admire and photograph the surrounding beauty
  • Check out the smaller Mala Falls further down stream, either by boat or walking trail. Note: They can be difficult to see via walking trail
  • Hire a canoe or take a boat ride around the falls
  • Enjoy a picnic or lunch at a restaurant
  • Enjoy a beer with a view!
  • Swim in the large clear lagoon. Be warned, the water can be pretty cold, even in the summer months. It’s also quite deep in parts
Kravice Waterfalls

Entrance fees and other costs

  • 20KM entrance fee 1st Jun-30th Sept
  • 10KM entrance fee 1st Oct-31st May
  • Car parking 2KM p/hr 6KM p/day
  • Kayak/canoe hire 5KM 1/2hr, 10KM 1 hr, 40KM all day
  • Boat tours from 20KM for 30mins
  • Train from carpark to falls 4KM p/p

Updated information is available HERE

What to take with you

Only take the essentials with you and keep an eye on your personal belongings. Don’t leave valuables unattended, especially on busy days.

  • Sunscreen – we recommend reef safe as its better for the environment
  • Hat & sunnies in the hotter months
  • Towel, swimwear, change of clothes if you want to swim
  • Warm jacket, hat etc if visiting during winter or colder months
  • Camera
  • Bag to keep everything in. Waterproof (dry bag) is a good idea, especially to protect your phone/camera
  • Cash for entrance fees, food/drinks etc
  • Water and picnic lunch
Imbi at Kravica Waterfall

Things to do nearby

Kravica Waterfall tickets also include entrance to the nearby smaller Koćuša Waterfall and the Museum of the Franciscan Monastery.

There are more beautiful places to check out which are close to Kravica Waterfall. The ancient city of Pocitelj and the 600yr old Dervish Monastery Blagaj Tekij make easy additions to a great day trip. Of course, you will need some time to explore Mostar as well!

We hope this has answered any questions you may have had about visiting Kravica Waterfall. We hope you have as much fun there as we did and love exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Feel free to leave a comment or share our guide on social media. Happy travelling!!

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