1770 Butterfly Walk – A quick guide: Everything you need to know about this beautiful walk and the Blue Tiger butterflies that migrate here.

The 1770 Butterfly Walk is a lovely little trail found in the Town of 1770 (Seventeen Seventy) on the Queensland Coast at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. A pretty bush walk at anytime of year, what makes this track so special and gives it its name are the migratory Blue Tiger butterflies that pass through at certain times of the year. It is without doubt one of the best things to see and do in Agnes Water & 1770!

Blue Tiger Butterflies- 1770 Butterfly Walk

The 1770 Butterfly Walk at a glance

Trail Name: Round Hill Creek Track (Please note it’s signposted by this name, NOT ‘1770 Butterfly Walk’)

Trail Type: Return track – you return via the same path

Start Point: Captain Cook Monument Car Park

Finish Point: 1770 headland Car Park

Distance: 1.2km one way

Duration: 15-20 minutes each way (dependent on number of stops)

Difficulty: Easy

Map: Click on this link to the QPWS website for a PDF of the Joseph Banks Conservation Park Map
1770 Butterfly Walking track

What is a Blue Tiger?

The Blue Tiger Butterfly (Tirumala hamata) is a migratory, predominantly tropical butterfly found in Australia, primarily in Queensland. These beautiful butterflies have dark brown/black wings flecked with vibrant blue streaks and elongated spots.

Blue Tiger Butterfly - 1770 Butterfly Walk

Quite a large butterfly, Blue Tigers have a wingspan of about 70mm. And their colourful markings are on display when the wings are both open and closed. This makes the Blue Tiger Butterflies relatively easy to identify. In saying that, you’ll find that they camouflage in surprisingly well with the surrounding coastal woodland.

Blue Tiger Butterfly

When will you see the butterflies on the 1770 Butterfly Walk?

This bit is important, if you’ve come to see the butterflies! Blue Tigers have a general migratory path. From the spring to summer months they go south and in the autumn they head north for winter.* So generally speaking the best time to see Blue Tigers here on the 1770 Butterfly Walk is Autumn – from March to May and into June. This is as they pass through on their journey north to their over-wintering sites in places like Magnetic Island.

Blue Tiger Butterfly Migration - 1770 Butterfly Walk

*It is important to remember that is just a general migratory pattern and there are never guarantees when it comes to wildlife. Factors like weather conditions play a huge part on their migrations and the volume of butterflies.

The 1770 Butterfly Walk

The 1770 Butterfly Walk or ‘Butterfly Walk’ as most people refer to it as is on the 1770 Headland. Starting from the Cook Monument just off from Captain Cook Drive, the trail north is clearly marked and easy to follow. But it is important to note you are following the trail signed as the ‘Round Hill Creek Track’. Don’t be confused when you can’t find specific ‘1770 Butterfly Walk’ signage.

Walking the 1770 Butterfly Walk

The walk takes you along a nice scenic stretch of shoreline were you are rewarded with some great views of Round Hill Creek and Bustard Bay. It’s not just butterflies either, keep an eye out to for Pelicans, White-bellied Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites whilst you walk.

Views on the 1770 Butterfly Walk

The short 1770 Butterfly Walk is not particularly challenging. But do bare in mind there are some short sections of steepish steps down to small wooden bridges crossing over various gullies. But it’s all worth it when you find the beautiful Blue Tiger Butterflies. Seeing them en masse is a spectacular sight.

Blue Tiger Butterfly Migration - Agnes Water

Continue on to the 1770 Headland Lookouts

You can finish your hike at the end of the Round Hill Creek track at the Round Hill Headland car park at the end of Sir Raphael Cilento Drive. Or, turn back and return the way you came. Though we strongly recommend a short extension by following the Round Hill Headland track up to Bustard Bay Lookout.

And either on the way to or from the Bustard Bay Lookout make sure to take the short detour to Wave Lookout. This provides yet more awesome views over the ocean and a quiet cove just below. Both are lovely spots for a scenic picnic stop.

Wave Lookout 1770

Where we stayed for the 1770 Butterfly Walk

There are plenty of great accommodation options in the Town of 1770 and its sister township of Agnes Water. But for us there is only one that offers a truly unique experience – Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary and Campsite! A sanctuary for injured and orphaned kangaroos, wallabies and other wildlife, you camp amongst these amazing creatures! With spectacular sunsets and wildlife all around, this small campsite really was perfect for us.

Watching the sunset at Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary and Campsite!

For information on how to book accommodation here and for more ideas on things to see in the area then don’t miss our blog – Best things to do in Agnes Water & the town of 1770

In summary

The 1770 Butterfly Walk is must if you’re in the Town of 1770 (Seventeen Seventy) in Autumn. Fun for all the family, this little hike is guaranteed to brighten up your day!

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